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September 15, 2022

It is time to change ESG reporting

Quentin Sannié

Based on our unique soil health metrics and scoring methodology, Genesis invents the first evidence-based ESG tool that reports on the environmental impact of bio-sourced industry on biodiversity, climate, water, soil, and fertility.

Increasing legal risks linked to new regulations, risks of perceived greenwashing on their reputation and brands, or risks on their governance linked to activist funds that take over environmental issues to destabilize their management.

Companies using agricultural products are particularly threatened, firstly because they are still blind to the environmental impact of their supplies - they often know neither the practices nor their real impacts - and secondly because these supplies represent between 60 and 90% of their real environmental impact, including in luxury, cosmetics or textile companies.However, for credible and enforceable environmental reporting, it is not enough to rely on sector averages, which are not relevant in terms of agricultural impact, since practices and their impacts can vary so much.

In other words, from an environmental point of view, what is produced is less important than how it is produced. It is, therefore, necessary to measure in the field the reality of the impacts of the practices deployed for the supply of bio-sourced companies.

As an independent organization, Genesis is the only one in the world to base its impact measurement on soil health diagnostics based on biological, carbon, sanitary, and structural soil sampling, and analysis. Genesis relies on this measured data and powerful normalization algorithms to provide a soil score that reflects the condition and compares any agricultural practice in any soil-climate context or production type. Field data collected on farming practices are correlated to the scores and accelerate the factual identification of positive and deleterious farming practices. By uniquely combining soil science and data science, Genesis produces reliable, universal, and affordable information.

Genesis provides a factual, certifying, and universal reporting tool (MRV). Moreover, thanks to the knowledge of farming practices, Genesis delivers decision support and impact improvement management tools, usable at all levels (government, companies, farmers, finance). The transition from observation to action is accelerated and facilitated and is based on facts collected on thousands of plots that have been harvested.

Genesis opens a way to accelerate the agricultural transition from MRV (Measure, Report, and Verify) to MRVA (...and Act). It makes all the difference.

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