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December 6, 2022

Genesis: Toward greener sourcing

Quentin Sannié
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Genesis: your agricultural sourcing becomes greener

Genesis is the ultimate tool for making your agricultural supply chain more sustainable.

Our method changes the game by finally providing you with real measurements of your environmental impact. It also allows you to drive the changes needed to reduce your environmental footprint.

In addition, Genesis provides you with the accurate and indisputable reports soon to be required by the new European regulations : CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)Farm to Fork, Soil Law, Carbon Farming Directive).

In just 120 days, deploy Genesis.

With Genesis, you can now :

  • Measure and reduce the environmental impact of your agricultural supplies.
  • Report on your contribution to sustainable development objectives.
  • Identify your best levers for environmental progress.
  • Quantify the environmental risks to your business.
  • Communicate about your environmental progress without fear of greenwashing.

We are ready. Genesis has a world-class scientific advisory board. Learn more

A field-proven method. 4 years of development, over 55,000 soil tests on over 100,000 ha in 6 countries.

A ready and experienced team. Discover our team

Pioneering clients in their domain. Discover our current clients and partners.

Become a Genesis shareholder through, the responsible investment platform (in french).

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